E-Z Pull Trigger Assist for a Lighter Trigger Pull


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

February 19th, 2008




In our SHOT Show daily review, we posted a picture of the little E-Z Pull trigger assist device that we ran across one day while looking at the multitude of new, and sometimes interesting, products. The E-Z Pull falls into the interesting category, and a couple of days ago, a sample unit arrived here at Gunblast World Headquarters for review.

The E-Z Pull is best described as an extra trigger blade that attaches to the trigger guard on many rifles, and through the science of compound leverage, lessens greatly the felt pull weight of the trigger. While most rifles have the inherent capability of shooting accurately, their practical accuracy is hampered by a lousy, heavy trigger pull. I canít do very good accuracy work using a rifle with a heavy pull, and rifles that have good trigger pulls, like the newer Savage rifles with the AccuTrigger, make shooting small groups on target much easier.

Some of the worst factory triggers are on AR-15 rifles. While you can buy an AR-15 with an excellent trigger, most come supplied with standard military-spec triggers with pull weights measuring between six and nine pounds. That is probably just fine for clearing out a room in downtown Baghdad, but for hunting or target shooting, it is not acceptable. Changing out an AR trigger for a match-grade unit is rather expensive, so I was anxious to see if the E-Z Pull would make a difference on an AR that needed help. Fitting the E-Z Pull to the AR trigger guard took about four minutes, and involves the use of the supplied Allen wrench and a small-bladed slot-head screwdriver. Installation was simple and easy, and in no way alters the weapon. The E-Z Pull lowered the trigger pull on the AR from about six and one-quarter pounds to just over two pounds and two ounces. That is a dramatic reduction in felt trigger pull! The E-Z Pull can be used on most bolt-action, single shot (but not the Ruger Number 1), pump, and semi-auto rifles.

The E-Z Pull is made in the USA and machined from aluminum. At the time of this writing it sells for just under 40 bucks. To locate a dealer near you or for ordering information, go to {LINK DE-ACTIVATED DUE TO MALWARE CONCERNS - E-Z PULLS CAN BE FOUND AT ONLINE RETAIL SITES}..

Jeff Quinn

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E-Z Pull Trigger Assist.



As can be from these before (top) and after (bottom) pictures, the E-Z Pull unit made a dramatic difference in felt trigger pull.



The E-Z Pull is simple and effective.