Dillonís "Doc Holliday" Shoulder Holster Rig


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

June 15th, 2003




These days, the fastest growing shooting sport in the USA is that of Cowboy Action Shooting, and deservedly so. The action is quick, the targets are close, and the guns and clothing are as close to authentic Old West as can be. After acquiring the guns needed to participate in the sport, the next step is leather. Authentic leather. While there are dozens of good choices in a belt and holster rig, a good shoulder holster rig is harder to come by. You just canít shoot a cowboy match wearing an Uncle Mikeís nylon shoulder rig. Thatís a hanging offense at a Cowboy Action shoot! Itís  like serving bacon at a bar mitzvah; it just ainít done.  If you need a good shoulder rig that you can wear proudly at any cowboy match, or just want a well-built and great looking Old West shoulder rig, Dillon has the answer with their "Doc Holliday" shoulder holster.

The "Doc Holliday" is part of Dillonís authentically-styled, yet very affordable Western leather line. These holsters exhibit good quality in both materials and workmanship, and this shoulder rig is a very comfortable way to carry a sixgun all day, without the weight of a gun and belt on the hips. The "Doc" rig carries the gun either under the arm, or as most prefer, slightly forward of that position across the chest. Recently, during a full week of shooting at the NRA's Whittington Center in Raton, NM, my little brother and illustrious webmaster, Boge, wore the "Doc Holliday" rig every day, all day, carrying a Ruger Birdshead Vaquero. The gun carried well and out-of-the-way whether shooting other handguns or shooting rifles. As can be seen in the photos, Boge is a big olí boy, but the gun never got in his way. Boge is also an excellent guitar picker, and he still wore the Dillon rig while playing each evening, without the gun ever getting in the way of his six-string. In fact, I never did see him take that holster off. He might have even worn it in the shower, but I wasnít about to look! I really donít need to see that.

For a well-built and authentic Old West shoulder holster to fit Ruger Vaqueros or Colt single actions and copies, look into the "Doc Holiday" shoulder rig. You can check out Dillonís entire line of cowboy leather and loading equipment online at:  www.dillonprecision.com.

Jeff Quinn

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Dillon's "Doc Holliday" shoulder holster is the perfect solution for shooters desiring something a bit different in an "Old-West" style rig.



The "Doc" rig rides perfectly and is adjustable over a wide range of carry positions. More comfortable for extended wear than most modern shoulder holsters, the "Doc" rig is exceptionally-suited for wearing while seated in a vehicle, on a tractor, or around the campfire playing the guitar. Dillon truly ships these holsters to fit any body size; in fact, Boge trimmed off a lot of leather to adjust the size down to his frame!



As we have come to expect from Dillon gun leather, the "Doc Holliday" rig is precisely made from top-notch materials and features quality workmanship throughout.



The simple but effective "hammer loop" retention strap is adjustable for a wide variety of hammer sizes & locations.



The "three-way joint" where the straps come together at the back is a key to the adjustability and comfort of the "Doc Holliday" holster.



"Isn't that a daisy?"