Highly Recommended Reading: "101 Classic Firearms" by John Marshall

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

August 8th, 2014


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Those who regularly receive "The Blue Press" from Dillon Precision are familiar with John Marshall's Classic Firearms series. Those of you who do not receive "The Blue Press" are missing out. This monthly magazine is the Dillon Precision catalog. Dillon is the premier maker of high-quality loading equipment for thousands of shooters who handload their own ammo, as well as for many makers of premium factory ammunition. I have relied upon Dillon reloading equipment for decades, to handload my own ammunition, as Dillon quality is superb, and no one in the industry has a better warranty nor better customer service.

Within the pages of "The Blue Press" each month is Dillon's catalog of loading equipment, components, and shooting accessories, but also contained within those pages are excellent articles by Peter Caroline, John Marshall, and other top-tier authors. John Marshall's Classic Firearms articles are some of my favorite reading, from any publication. In these articles, Mr. Marshall covers the history and details of some of the finest firearms ever made, for both military and sporting use.

The topic of this brief review; "101 Classic Firearms" is a collection of those articles from "The Blue Press", as well as a few that have not yet been published, all bound into a high-quality hardback book, which should be in every gun enthusiasts library. This book is very well-written, informative, and entertaining, providing hours of reading enjoyment and years of reference for anyone with a desire to know more about the classic firearms of the world. The book is printed on quality glossy paper, with colored photographs, and is printed, bound, and published in the USA.

This gem is available directly from Dillon Precision, and at only $29.95 as of the date of this review, provides a wealth of knowledge on 101 Classic Firearms. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone with an interest in the firearms that shaped our history.

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Jeff Quinn

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