Demon Tactical Products Accessories for the AR-15/M-16/M-4 Rifle


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

July 13th, 2010




I usually do not review small accessories for weapons in a stand-alone review, choosing to instead include them in a weapons review. I get accessories in here almost everyday. Some are very good, some are not. However, when I received a box from Demon Tactical, I already knew that it would contain some innovative and useful products.

Here I have three of Demon Tacticalís products. The first is a very light weight, folding, swivel bipod. The bipod fastens to any 1913 Picatinny rail. Made of aluminum and carbon fiber, the bipod weighs just a hair over a quarter pound (four ounces) on my scale. The bipod folds quickly to a very unobtrusive carry position, and deploys instantly when needed. The legs are eight and three-quarters inches long and one-quarter inch in diameter. They are plenty stiff enough for good stability, and there is a small amount of swivel movement to allow for slightly uneven terrain.

The other two products serve the same purpose, but are of different styles. Both the Mil Loc and the Quick Pin replace the rear takedown pin on an AR-15 series weapon. The pins are made to expand inside the upper receiver to achieve a really tight fit of the upper and lower receivers, eliminating all play between the two receiver halves. The heads of the two pins are where they differ. The Quick Pin has a lever for removal without tools, and the Mil Loc has a recess that allows the pin to be removed by using a 5.56mm cartridge or fired case to lever the cam open for easy removal. Both products serve the same purpose. I installed one and then the other, replacing the takedown pin on a DelTon AR-15 that had a bit of movement between the receiver halves. As claimed, the Quick Pin and the Mil Loc both eliminated all movement between the parts. The pins are easy to install, adjustable for tension, and easy to operate, even with a gloved hand.

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Jeff Quinn

Demon Tactical Products bipod.

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Demon Tactical Products' Quick Pin.



Demon Tactical Products' Mil Loc.



Mil Loc (top), Quick Pin (center), standard AR takedown pin (bottom).



Center section of pin expands to tighten the fit of the receiver halves.