Crimson Trace Laserguard for the S&W Shield UPDATE with Wright Leatherworks Holsters

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

August 28th, 2012

UPDATED September 6th, 2012



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September 6th, 2012

Since carriers of the S&W Shield can now equip their pistols with the excellent Crimson Trace Laserguard, they will need a new holster. Wright Leatherworks has introduced three new holsters made to fill that role. The Wright holsters are made of high quality leather, expertly stitched and molded to fit the gun. Their molding is so precise, that the serial number of the pistol used for molding is readable on the surface of the leather. The holsters have double layered leather at the top, and the inside-the-pants holster is adjustable for height and cant. The holsters have leather between the pistol and the user, to prevent abrasion of the skin, and deterioration of the gun’s finish.

Check them out online at

Anyone who had read my reviews or watched my videos for very long knows that I am a proponent of using a good laser sight on a fighting handgun. Chances are, if you need to use your handgun to defend your life or the life of someone for whom you have been given the responsibility of protecting, that the attack will happen quickly, without warning, and in the dark. Your action will be a reaction to that of your attacker, and you must be able to stop the attack, or you will just be a victim.

In low light, where the lowest of our culture prefers to operate, most handgun sights are useless. There are some very good tritium sights on the market from makers such as XS Sights and Trijicon, and I want good night sights on all of my fighting pistols. A good set of night sights can make all the difference in being able to put the shot on target in low light conditions. However, there are times when we are not able to elevate the weapon into our line of sight. Whatever the reason, whether shooting from behind cover, or if in an awkward position, a good laser can make the difference between a hit and a miss. We are financially, morally, and legally responsible for every bullet that leaves our gun. If we miss our target, that bullet is going to land somewhere. We need to do everything possible to be certain of where that bullet will land.

Every time that I advise the use of a laser sight for social work, I get several emails from those who claim to be able to point shoot their weapon and hit the target, without the use of sights. Good for them. They are better than most of us. Point shooting is a good skill to have, and most anyone can be trained quickly to hit the target out to seven yards by point shooting. This is when standing squarely on level ground with a stationary paper target directly in front. That is not applicable at all to a real gunfight. We are not guaranteed level ground, an immobile target, good footing, or anything else. There is no time for a “do over”. I want every edge that I can get in a fight, and a Crimson Trace laser helps me to place my bullets more precisely, from any position, and in low light. Now, if you are one who is an expert point shooter, and would feel confident in taking a head shot on an attacker who is loading your daughter into a van, there is no need to read any farther. For the folks who live in the real world, keep reading.

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is one of the more popular of the current crop of small 9mm and 40 caliber handguns to be introduced this year, and for good reason. S&W got it right with the Shield. It is not too small to use comfortably, but is still thin and compact. I have more details on that weapon in my previous review, so I refer you there for the particulars.

Since the Shield’s introduction, good night sights have been made available by XS and Trijicon, and now, to complete the package and make the Shield ready for the streets and back alleys, Crimson Trace has introduced the LG-489 Laserguard for the S&W Shield.

The CT Laserguard fits the new Shield perfectly, without adding hardly any weight nor bulk. The laser activates instantly upon grasping the weapon. There are no switches to flip nor buttons to push; just a small activation switch that falls comfortably and naturally under the middle finger. In a fight, you don’t need to be fumbling around looking for the laser activation switch. With the Crimson Trace, the laser is “on” as you point the pistol towards the target.

When I first received my S&W Shield several months ago, my first action was to call Iain Harrison at Crimson Trace and ask about a laser. He stated that they were already working on it, and now it is finally in full production and available. Until now, my S&W Shield has been confined to my safe, awaiting the laser, but with the addition of the LG-489 Laserguard, the package is complete, and I can start carrying it for serious purposes.

You can order the LG-489 Laserguard direct from Crimson Trace at or check with your local Crimson Trace dealer.

Jeff Quinn

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Adjustment of point of impact.



Activation switch falls right under the middle finger, for instant activation.