The Ultimate Cliploader


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

July 28th, 2004




Here at the palatial Gunblast offices, better known as the gun room, we receive lots of shooting related stuff. Some of it is useless junk, but most of it does have a useful place in a shooter’s life. However, even some of that stuff does not seem worth the trouble for me to review in an article. I type with just one finger, and am pretty choosey about which products I consider worth the considerable effort that it takes for me to peck out a review. We recently received one such product that I think will be of use to many shooters, considering the number of Ruger and Browning twenty-two pistols that are in the world.

The Ultimate Cliploader is made by McFadden Machine Company in Blairsville, Pennsylvania, and is a very handy product to easily and speedily load a pistol magazine. Those who have loaded the Ruger ten-round magazine know that it is much more fun emptying the mag (shooting) than it is to load the thing. You can quickly get a sore thumb from holding the follower button down while thumbing the rounds in one at a time. The Ultimate Cliploader is designed to quickly load the magazine with very little effort, and the device works as advertised.

In use, one simply dumps in some loose cartridges, shakes the loader sideways a couple of times, and inserts an empty magazine. That is it. The mag is loaded and can be withdrawn and inserted into the pistol. It took longer for most of you to read this paragraph than it will to load the magazine. The Ultimate Cliploader is designed to work with Ruger Mark II and 22/45 magazines , along with all Browning Buckmark magazines. I had no Browning mags available to try, but the Cliploader worked perfectly with a few steel Ruger Mark II magazines that I had here. It did not work well with a couple of old plastic Ram-Line magazines that I tried, but it is not advertised to do so. With the Ruger mags, it worked perfectly, every time.

A ten-round magazine can be loaded and ready in just about six seconds, if you take your time. They claim three seconds, but I wasn’t in that big of a hurry.  Some cheap waxed lead ammo that I tried took a slight shaking to get them into the magazine, but the process still took fewer than ten seconds.  The Ultimate Cliploader is very inexpensive, and it works.

For more information on ordering the Ultimate Cliploader, go to:, or, or

Suggested retail is just under $30, and worth every penny. Dealers can get substantial discounts for buying at least six at one time, and they are downright cheap in larger quantities.

If I can help it, I will never load a Ruger .22 magazine without one.

 Jeff Quinn

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The Ultimate Cliploader



The Ultimate Cliploader is quick and easy to use: just pour 'em in...



...shake to align...



...and insert the clip. The entire process takes only seconds, and saves a lot of wear and tear on the thumb!