Cimarron Model P Revolvers


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

August 18th, 2002




It seems as if the rise in the popularity of nineteenth century style firearms will never end. More and more shooters are discovering the Cowboy Action shooting sports, and the demand for authentically styled firearms is ever increasing. There are several importers of replica firearms that will sell a passable copy of an old Colt or Winchester. The quality of these guns varies from poor to outstanding.

In the world of replica nineteenth century firearms, one company has continually strived to achieve perfection in the quality of fit, finish, and authenticity. That company is Cimarron Firearms Co. of Fredericksburg, Texas. Cimarron has been selling fine quality replica firearms for about twenty years, with an emphasis on authenticity and quality. While Cimarron has an extensive line of rifles and other handguns, their Model P revolvers are the guns that are in the greatest demand, and are the subject of  this review.

The Cimarron Model P is a replica of the legendary Colt Peacemaker, or Single Action Army.  The Peacemaker was the epitome of the nineteenth century single action revolver; the culmination of the best of revolver design of that period, and a design which is still, to this day, one of the finest  handguns ever built.

Cimarron offers the most extensive line of replica Colt revolvers available anywhere. Even at the height of production and popularity, the Colt company never offered as many varieties of its own sixguns as does Cimarron.

I recently received for testing a couple of variations of Cimarron’s Model P revolvers. Having handled and fired many Cimarron revolvers in the past, I was expecting to find a pair of well finished and good shooting sixguns, and I was not disappointed in these latest two that I received.

The Cimarrons received represent  two of the most popular variations of the Model P.  One was the seven and one-half inch barreled Cavalry model with the old style frame and "bull's-eye" ejector button, the other was a four and three-quarter inch barreled sixgun built on the modern style frame. "Modern style" in this case meaning the style of frame that Colt used after about 1895. Both sixguns wore well fitted one-piece walnut stocks, with the Cavalry model stocks embossed with the authentic cartouche of  U.S. Army inspector O.W. Ainsworth, as were many of the originals. While both sixguns were beautifully finished, the Cavalry model wore Cimarron’s exclusive custom U.S. Finish featuring authentic Colt-style case colors.  Both guns were chambered for the legendary .45 Colt cartridge.

Shooting the two Cimarrons was indeed a real pleasure. With a variety of loads, the pair of sixguns functioned perfectly,  without failure of any kind. Cylinder rotation was smooth and the trigger pulls on both guns were in the three pound range, with the Cavalry model having the better of the two. 

After firing both guns for awhile, I found myself really favoring the seven and one-half inch Cavalry model. This sixgun, with the U.S. Finish, old style frame and bull's-eye ejector button, just seemed to reek of nineteenth century charm.  With my standard .45 plinking load, I just could not miss with this sixgun. The sights were well regulated and hitting the target came easy.  It is ironic that this Cimarron is more like an original 1873 Colt than a modern genuine Colt is.  For a replica Colt on an old style frame, you won’t be disappointed  in the Cavalry Model P.

For a closer look at Cimarron’s extensive line of fine handguns and rifles, check out Cimarron online at:

For quality, authenticity, value and shootability, I highly recommend the Cimarron Model P.

Jeff Quinn

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Cimarron's excellent Model P sixguns. The gun pictured at top in these photos is the author's favorite, the Cavalry Model P with 7-1/2" barrel, "U.S.. Finish", old-style frame, bull's-eye ejector button, and authentic stock cartouche. At bottom is a Model P with 4-3/4" barrel and "modern-style" frame. Both examples exhibit the flawless fit and finish for which Cimarron is well known.



Detail of the 4-3/4" Model P. Cimarron takes great pains to assure that their reproductions are as historically accurate as possible, and their love for the originals is evidenced by their craftsmanship.



4-3/4" Cimarron Model P, shown in the excellent Mernickle high-rise cutaway holster.



The beautiful case-hardened finish on this example is representative of the authenticity of the Cimarron product. 



The Cavalry Model P's one-piece stock features an authentic reproduction of the O.W. Ainsworth inspection cartouche. All Model Ps feature beautifully-fit one-piece stocks.



The Cavalry Model P also features the old-style "bulls-eye" ejector button, as well as the old-style (pre-1895) frame. Cimarron is making some of the finest reproduction Old-West style guns available today, with craftsmanship equal to many custom makers at a fraction of the price.