The New .38 Special +P Cats from Charter Arms


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

January 5th, 2010




Charter Arms has been making revolvers for decades now. I have used and owned several of them, and still do. They have always served me well. For a long time, they were all-steel revolvers, but recently Charter has started producing revolvers with lightweight alloy frames for easier carrying. These five-shot .38 Special revolvers weigh in at about twelve ounces. We have reviewed them here before, but the purpose of this piece is to introduce the new frame coloring that Charter is putting on these little revolvers. The anodizing is applied in such a way that no two revolvers are exactly the same.

Shown here are the new cats from Charter: The Cougar and The Panther. The Cougar wears a pink pattern anodized finish on the frame, and The Panther a mottled bronze. Both are chambered for the .38 Special cartridge, and can handle Plus P rated ammunition, to quickly resolve unpleasant social conflicts. Both have synthetic grips, and The Cougar's grip is more compact than the grip on The Panther. Both are very comfortable to my hand.

As I have tested many Charter revolvers before, and am writing this to show the new design more than anything else, I am leaving these two revolvers unfired for now. The reason for that is that we are going to give one of these away on February 14th, 2010, just in time for Valentines day! The winner will have his or her choice of the two revolvers. We have several female Gunblast members, who may or may not prefer the pink Cougar, or a man might want to give it to his wife, particularly if she is the cougar type of woman. Anyway, some lucky Gunblast member will win the choice of these revolvers.

The Charter Panther and Cougar are dandy little lightweight revolvers, and would serve very well for an everyday carry gun.

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