Cannon Leather: Quality Handmade Holsters from Cannon Watts


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

June 11th, 2010




Cannon Watts is a friend of mine. He is a genuine, honest man who looks for all the world like a young John Taffin, but donít hold that against him. He makes good holsters. I did not know this until recently.

Cannon likes to shoot big guns. At events such as the Confederate Sixgunners Association annual shoot in Arkansas or the Shootists Holiday near Raton, New Mexico, Cannon is usually shooting the loudest handguns on the line. Anyway, last week at the Shootists Holiday, Cannon showed to me a holster that he makes that is both well-crafted and practical. The holster that he handed to me is hand-cut and hand-stitched from a piece of quality, stiff leather. I cannot abide a holster that is as flimsy as an old sock, and this Cannon holster is, thankfully, stiff enough to still look like a holster with the gun removed. The leather is molded to fit the weapon, but still allows a quick draw of the gun from the leather.

The Cannon Leather holster shown is for an L-Frame S&W, and fits the weapon well. The leather comes up on the outside to fully protect the adjustable rear sight of the Smith, but does not hamper the draw in the least. At the front of the holster, over the top strap of the sixgun, Cannon sews in a piece of leather to retain the shape of that area, and to also offer more protection to the weapon. This model of holster is called simply the DA (double-action), and is a very practical, beautiful, and useful holster for field carry or even for concealed carry under a coat or jacket. It carries the weapon well, and does not flop around at all, as often happens with a cheap, one-size-fits-nothing holster. Cannon Watts is a hunter, shooter, and often goes heeled. He knows firearms, and he knows how to build a holster.

Cannon Watts offers high quality, hand-crafted holsters at an affordable price. For a quote on a custom Cannon Leather holster, send Cannon an email to:

You wonít be disappointed.

Jeff Quinn

Cannon Leather DA holster with S&W 357 Mountain Gun.



Cannon adds a block of leather to stiffen and reinforce the area over the top strap of the revolver.




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Model DA holster by Cannon Watts of Cannon Leather.



Holster is hand-stitched from quality leather.



The sixgun's rear sight is well-protected.