CLC Custom Grips


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

July 28th, 2004




I recently received some unique revolver grips from Cary Chapman at CLC Custom Grips in Nuevo, California. These grips are like none that I have seen before. The design is what Cary calls his CVC Gunfighter grips. The grips are for single action revolvers, and are cut thinner through the middle for a better grip on the sixgun. The set that I tried was for a Ruger Blackhawk, and really give the gun a unique feel. Cary can make these thinner or thicker, as the customer may desire. He also will make them without a beveled bottom, and he has many different woods from which to choose. The set that he sent to me is made from a gorgeous wood called Spalted Karilian Birch, that Cary has stabilized, which involves impregnating the pores of the wood with acrylic, resulting in a very durable and beautiful product. The grips fit perfectly on a Ruger Blackhawk and on the Baby Vaquero as shown in the pictures. He also sent a set for a Super Blackhawk that were made from the same material, and are shown as well. The pictures really tell about the grips better than words.

You can find out more information on CLC Custom Grips on his website here: or give him a call at: 909- 928- 4210.

 Jeff Quinn

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