Black Max HMK Holster for the Ruger Mark Series 22 Auto Pistols


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

July 28th, 2010




The Ruger 22 auto pistol is the most popular 22 Long Rifle handgun in the USA. Being in constant production for over sixty years now, the basic 22 Auto of 1949 has evolved into today’s Mark III series pistols, which includes over two dozen variations of 22 Long Rifle pistols, with either steel or polymer frames. The popularity of the Ruger Auto is due to its excellent reliability, accuracy, price, and ease of use. The pistols are popular for hunting, target shooting, casual plinking, and competition. While many excellent leather field holsters are on the market to carry the Ruger pistol, a void that needed filling was a high-quality synthetic holster to use for competition and field work, and that void has now been filled by this very versatile new thermo-molded polymer holster from Black Dog Magazine.

This new Black Max HMK holster will fit any Ruger 22 Auto pistol ever made. It will fit pistols with or without an accessory rail, with or without a scope rail, any barrel length, and also fits perfectly with a pistol that has a suppressor attached. The holster is easily reversible to use equally well by right-handed or left-handed shooters. It is available in a high-ride or low-ride style, to fit any carry need or body style. The belt slots measure about two and three-eighths inches by four-tenths of an inch to easily accommodate up to a two inch belt. The holster weighs only eight ounces.

This is no flimsy, cheap, thin Kydex holster, but is made from a hard polymer that is over one-tenth of an inch thick. It is strong enough that I can stand on the holster with my svelte 210 pound frame and do it no harm. It is tough, durable, and holds the pistol securely. The tension is adjustable to suit the firearm and the owner’s needs. I tried every Ruger 22 Auto in my safe with the Black Max holster, from my old 1949 vintage Red Eagle to the newest 22/45RP, and they all fit perfectly. Even my AMT Automag II 22 Magnum rides securely in the Black Max HMK holster. I also carried my Ruger 22 Mark II with my Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite upper and Cascade sound suppressor in the Black Max. This is the only holster that I have found that will comfortably carry that pistol/suppressor combo, and it worked very well.

Black Dog Magazine did an excellent job of designing this holster for maximum versatility, durability, and value. It is available for purchase online at, and is priced right. I highly recommend it.

Jeff Quinn


Holster tension is adjustable for a secure hold.





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The Black Max holster fits the earliest of Ruger 22 pistols, like this Red Eagle made in 1949...



...all the way to the latest Mark III 22/45RP, made in 2010.



Holster is cut low in front to accommodate scopes and other optical sights.



Fits any barrel length, and even pistols with suppressors like this Tactical Solutions Cascade model.



Holster also works perfectly with author's AMT AutoMag II.