Leatherman Leather Products Accu-Riser Rifle & Shotgun Cheek Rests


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

March 2nd, 2010




When shooting sporting rifles that have a scope mounted atop the receiver, I have found that there are no rifle stocks that are properly designed to set the shooter’s eye directly behind the scope, as it should be, that allow a proper, firm cheek weld. At least not for me. There are a few rifles on the market that have adjustable combs, and that is a welcome feature on a rifle, but they are as scarce as an honest politician on sporting rifles. Even an AR-15 with its straight stock will usually not have a comb that is high enough when mounting a scope with a large objective bell. To me at least, I can shoot a lot better, and handle recoil better, if my cheek is firmly planted upon the stock when I pull the trigger. This is also the case for most other shooters as well. However, getting a proper cheek weld on a sporting rifle while using a modern high-quality scope is near impossible without alteration to the comb. Over the years, I have tried putting foam under elastic cartridge holders that attach to the stock, and they always slip around, never staying in place while shooting. Also, it is hard to get enough foam under one, as most stocks are at least a half to three-quarters of an inch too low. I have used some very good leather lace-on style cheek rests, and they work well, but still, most are not tall enough to completely resolve the problem, leaving the comb still too low for a proper cheek weld.

I recently received some cheek rests from Leatherman Products, and finally, have found a cheek rest that is both high enough, and solid enough, to do the job. Called the Accu-Riser, these cheek rests come in three different models, with various colors available also. Depending upon the model chosen, these cheek rests can be either strapped on with the supplied Velcro strap, or permanently screwed to the stock. Three Models are offered: the Model 4000, Model 5000, and Model 6000.

The Model 4000 was the first introduced, and has been on the market for several years now. It is sold as a “right-hand-only” cheek rest, but I found it to work well for me on my S&W i-Bolt .25-06, shooting left-handed. Still, it is better suited for a right-hand application, but being left-handed from birth, I have learned to adapt. The i-Bolt has a Monte Carlo style stock with a cheek piece, but I still find it to be too low for my build and shooting style. Even with the Monte Carlo cheek piece, I cannot align my eye with the scope, if using a solid cheek weld. Strapping on the Model 4000 fixed the problem perfectly. The 4000 slopes from back to front to recoil away from the shooter’s face, and places my eye exactly where it needs to be on that rifle. Perfect. The 4000 is a hard rubber style cheek piece, and can be sanded down in height, if desired.

Next up is the Model 5000. It is a soft cheek rest that raises the comb a mere one-quarter of an inch, and straps onto the stock. I found that it stayed in place well. The 5000 is a very useful item for shotgunners who need to raise the impact point without having a lot of expensive custom stock work done. I have seen shooters put Bondo body filler onto a stock to raise the impact point, but as expected, it looks awful, and results in a very hard comb. The Model 5000 slightly raises the impact without permanent alteration, and does not ruin a good-looking shotgun stock. The Model 5000 also makes a nice cushion to protect the face against recoil.

The Model 6000 is an ambidextrous cheek rest that has interchangeable rubber pads on top to allow for different heights. These snap onto the Model 6000 base, and the base can either be strapped on or screwed onto the rifle’s stock. The one that I received has a wood grain finish, but there is a black finished and a camouflaged unit as well. This Model 6000 slips over the comb of the rifle stock, and has a lip on the inside that can be trimmed down to fit stocks of differing sizes. It is a very versatile cheek piece, and my favorite of the bunch.

For the full list of various models and configurations of these useful and practical cheek rests, and to order online, go to www.accu-riser.com.

Jeff Quinn


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