ACE Skeleton Buttstock from Bushmaster


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

October 13th, 2003





The year 1994 was very significant for shooters. That was the year that Bill Clinton and his Democratic allies in the US Congress passed the now infamous "crime bill" that effectively limited magazine capacities to ten rounds, eliminated flash suppressors on rifles, and outlawed collapsible buttstocks on rifles and carbines built after the law took effect.

There was one and only one good thing about the CAR type collapsible buttstock&&.and that was that it was collapsible. Aside from that one feature, the design sucked. It was both ugly and uncomfortable, but it did have that unique ability to collapse for handier storage. Now, many post ban AR-15 carbines are sold with that same style collapsible buttstock, except that the buttstock no longer has the ability to collapse for storage. It still has the same look, and it is still uncomfortable, it just no longer has that unique ability to collapse.

I recently acquired a great little DPMS carbine that is light and handy, but it came supplied with that abominable CAR type collapsible buttstock that does not collapse.  I immediately set out to rectify that situation. I placed a call to Bushmaster and ordered one of their ACE skeleton buttstocks.

The ACE skeleton stock is an easy replacement for the carbine or rifle AR-15 buttstock. The ACE is unique in that it uses the existing buffer tube from the A2 stock for the cheek piece. A foam sleeve slides over the buffer tube, and the skeleton stock screws to the tube just as the A2 stock does.  The kit also came with a rubber butt pad, which adds greatly to the comfort of the butt plate, and provides a nonskid surface to the butt of the rifle. It comes with a sling swivel that can be attached on either the right or left side, or at the toe of the stock. The ACE skeleton stock also weighs about a half of a pound less than the CAR type stock.

After the installation of the ACE stock, the ergonomics of the DPMS carbine was greatly improved. The ACE looks better, feels better, and weighs less. The foam covered buffer tube provides the most comfortable cheek weld of any AR-15 stock I have ever tried. The ACE is available to fit the AR-15 rifle or carbine. It can be purchased directly from Bushmaster for $105.95, and is well worth the money for the great improvement in the shootability and handling of the rifle.

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Jeff Quinn

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